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Find Out if You were a LinkedIn Hack Victim (I was!)

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We recently told you about how LinkedIn had a data breach back in 2012. At the time, everyone thought that the personal data of somewhere around 6.5 million users had been stolen since that’s what was posted online. In reality, it was more like 117 million, a fact that came to light after a hacker put the data up for sale. Fortunately, now you can see if you were one of the millions of people who had their data stolen.

Troy Hunt, who runs the website Have I Been Pwned?, got his hands on the data and has made it searchable. The security expert saw the stolen information beginning to spread and decided to add it to the site.

According to LinkedIn more than 100 million accounts were breached and as of yesterday they finished resetting the passwords on all those accounts. If you’re still concerned that you may have been a victim of a data breach you can go to Have I Been Pwned? and search your email address to see.