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Don't want to bother upgrading your Windows Server 2003?

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There are about 11 million servers still running Windows Server 2003.  With support ending TOMORROW, if you're just going to ride it out and hope nothing bad happens, you're playing Russian roulette with your business.

Microsoft is set to stop issuing updates to the popular business server software.  Why?  Are they just trying to milk more money out of people?  The answer is no, they aren't.  Technology improves and moves on, and at some point it's not feasible to continue supporting and updating or upgrading outdated tech.

What happens when support ends?  Think about the major increase in hacking incidents over the last year.  One of the easiest ways to get malware installed on a system is to not keep software up to date.  Hackers are constantly looking for ways to intrude, and programmers are constantly trying to keep things secure.  Once the programmers stop working on a particular product, the sharks smell blood and go in for the kill.  That is to say, hackers are going to find vulnerabilities, but the vulnerabilities are not going to be fixed.

You basically have two options.  You can migrate to a newer server, like Windows Server 2012 or you could go with a cloud-based solution.  At Petronella Technology Group, we'll take a look at your individual situation and help figure out what makes the most sense based on your company's needs and your budget.  Contact us post haste to make sure your server isn't left adrift in the dangerous, shark-infested open waters of the post-support world.