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Data Protection- Does it Matter?

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With increased globalization and electronic advances, information has never been more readily accessible and communicable. Most businesses today, large and small, can’t function without their electronic data; bringing in a new era of risk and exposure. Critical data loss is expensive, may involve illegal acts and can seriously threaten the continued success of the unprepared business. Protection of critical data must be taken very seriously. Your job may depend on it.

If you have never experienced a data loss yourself, you most likely know at least one person who has. The loss can not only be upsetting personally, but if you are a small business owner it can actually threaten the survival of your business. For all sorts of reasons, data protection security needs to be a priority for anyone dependent on computer or Internet use. It is essential is that if data loss has not yet happened to you, it almost certainly will. There are many ways in which files can be lost, and most of these are beyond your control. Data loss can come from fires and natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes and floods to hard drive failure, power surges, employee dishonesty and sabotage. The greatest threat, however, is employee carelessness or user error.

So why is having an effective data protection plan important? Consider how much time, money and manpower companies like CITI will have to expend to recover from their breaches where considerable number of customers’ data was compromised. Some analysts predict the damages to be billions of dollars. Data protection is needed not only to protect the data on your own systems from threats, but also to ensure that if it does not find its way into the wrong hands, that it remains secure and unable to be viewed or accessed.

Data compiled by the Disaster Recovery Institute found that a business that is not prepared or able to quickly recover from critical data loss is at high risk for failure within two years. Organizations should consider the likelihood that they can reduce the chance and impact of a data breach by having the proper plans in place to respond in a timely manner. The effective methods applied may not thwart an incident, but they can slow down the compromise. An effective program also allows for immediate notification to the appropriate personnel who can act swiftly to isolate the incident and mitigate the damage.

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