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Dangers of Windows 10 Wifi Sense

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Windows 10 has a feature that automatically shares your wifi password with all of your contacts. It may seem like a cool idea at first, but there are a lot of potential dangers.

How many times have you gone to a friend's house and had to ask for their wifi password?  Wifi Sense is an attempt to make it easy to share your wifi password.  Windows will look at your Facebook, Hotmail, Outlook and Skype contacts and send an encrypted version of your password to your contacts.  With the exception of Facebook, this happens automatically by default.

Microsoft seeks to reassure people about the service by pointing out that the information is sent via an encrypted connection and is stored in an encrypted file.  Further, they say, it won't allow access to shared resources on your network, like computers, printers and files.  

Many people think it's a security disaster waiting to happen.  If a computer is connected to a wifi network, it has to know the key, and if it knows the key, what's to stop a hacker from gaining full access to your network?

Microsoft makes it easy to disable the feature, but you have to change the name of your network by adding "_optout" to the end of it, but so many people use their default router settings anyway, so how many people are going to change their wifi SSID?