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China Still Attacking the US

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Last month, the US and China negotiated a deal that did not prohibit cyberspying for national security reasons, but did prohibit cyberattacks for economic espionage.  Despite the agreement, a number of cyberattacks on American companies from China have continued.

CrowdStrike, a cybersecurity company that works closely with the US government, claims to have documented seven cyberattacks against American tech and pharmaceutical companies where the objective was to steal trade secrets and intellectual property.  In other words, they weren't snooping for national security reasons.

China, as usual, denied the allegations.  CrowsStrike, however, said that the attacks they have seen are consistent with other cyberattacks originating from China, though they wouldn't divulge exactly how they knew.  CrowdStrike does, however, have a history of tracking Chinese hackers and attributes some of the attacks to Deep Panda, a Chinese hacking group with ties to the Chinese military.

China has denied all along that they have anything to do with corporate espionage, but several Western intelligence agencies have traced hacks back to groups affiliated with China.  Despite their denial, threats of sanctions by the US brought China to the table to negotiate the agreement on cyberattacks.  The attacks started back up the very day after the agreement was signed.