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AT&T and Dairy Queen Compromised

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AT&T and Dairy Queen are the latest companies to announce news of electronic security breaches.

AT&T reported that an employee accessed around 1600 customer records, potentially compromising Social Security numbers, driver's license numbers and internal company information.  The employee has since been fired and customers whose accounts have been hacked are being offered free credit monitoring service.

Though they initially denied the breach, Dairy Queen reported that roughly 400 Dairy Queen locations and one Orange Julius location were victims of Backoff malware in August.  Eighteen of the locations were in North Carolina.  (Click here for a complete list.)  The malware was installed through a compromised account of a third party vendor.  The malware was able to gather customer data including names, credit cards numbers and expiration dates.

If you are concerned that your information may be at risk from these companies or any others that have recently been hacked, please contact the companies for further information.

If you are a company that keeps secure information for customers or clients, make sure to follow basic cyber security practices.  You should also make sure your security is up to date.  Contact us for a network security analysis to make sure you are keeping your customers' information safe.