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Anti-Virus & Spam Filtering: Save Your System with Petronella Consultants

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No one wants to hear these five words- your computer has a virus. A lot of viruses come via spam mail. We all get it and see how quickly it consumes our inboxes, but what we don’t see is how easily our systems can be disrupted with a simple click of a link. A properly made virus can cost you not only time, but money as well, as it damages or deletes files and interferes with your computer operations.

One way a virus can get to your computer (and personal information and data) is through Phishing. Phishing is a fraudulent attempt, usually made through email, to steal your personal information. These emails usually appear to come from a well-known organization and ask for your personal information, such as a credit card number or social security number. In order for Internet criminals to successfully "phish" your personal information, they must get you to go from an email to a website. Phishing emails will almost always tell you to click a link that takes you to a site where your personal information is requested.

While it is easy to think that as long as you don’t click on any links through email, instant messaging, or downloaded files that you don’t know, the best thing to do is to get the top Ant-Virus software there is. It efficiently protects your files so that viruses can’t touch them. No business can survive without one.

Also, the less spam you get, the less chance of viruses lurking within your system. Therefore, Anti-Spam software is also essential. Its role is to detect and separate the unwanted email from the genuine ones. This software is coded in such a way that all unwanted emails are collected in a spam folder that can be deleted as often as desired. And besides, spam is a nuisance as it decreases productivity.

Save yourself time and heartache with Petronella Computer Consultants! Our filtering system quickly gets your business on track with advanced features such as tough spam detection rules, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), strict anti-phishing rules, user-based filter settings and login accounts for all employees, and scans to detect spam hidden in pictures.

See our page on Spam and Virus Filtering or call 919-355-5545 today to speak with a specialist.