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The Air Force Can Nuke Your Computer

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The Air Force has figured out a way to cripple enemies without hurting people.  They send a focused microwave blast to fry their computers.

It's not the first time the military has played with using electromagnetic pulses to fry electronics.  Nuclear detonations do the same, but of course they can also level entire cities at the same time.  CHAMP, which stands for Counter-Electronics High-Powered Microwave Advanced Missile Project, can target buildings and fry electronics without incurring a death toll.

A missile carrying CHAMP was successfully tested in 2012.  It was able to de-power every electronic device in a two story building.  While the test was done with a missile, it could also be done with a drone in the future.

Congress is eager to deploy the EMP weapon soon, although CHAMP is expected to to debut sometime after its 2016 deadline.

Here's a video demonstrating the weapon and its capabilities.