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Adobe: Stop Using Flash

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Adobe Flash has been on the way out for a while now.  At long last, Adobe has begun encouraging content creators to drop Flash and use alternatives.

Flash had its heyday several years ago.  Popular for its animation and interactive abilities, tons of browser games were built with it.  Entire websites were built with Flash animation.  YouTube videos used to all be Flash.

Flash started falling off when smartphones, particularly the iPhone, came out with browsers that did not support Flash.  Since then, HTML5, which is an open standard, has moved to the forefront for interactivity and video.

Flash has a number of downsides.  Aside from not being playable in most smartphones, it's a drain on laptop batteries and can be very slow to load.  The biggest problem, however, is that it is constantly being exploited by hackers despite Adobe regularly releasing patches for it.  It's a huge security hole.

Adobe Flash has already been able to create HTML5 content.  They're rebranding the program, calling it Animate, in order to market it as a general animation tool and remove the stigma of Flash.  Flash will still be available, however, but it appears that most of Adobe's efforts towards the dying platform will be ongoing security updates.