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Colocation Facilities: Beneficial to your Business Big or Small

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Colocation facilities provide space, power, cooling, and physical security for the server, storage and networking equipment of other firms and connect them to a variety of telecommunications and network service providers with a minimum of cost and difficulty.

Colocation has consistently proven to provide small businesses with a range of benefits no other alternative can match. One of the biggest problems small businesses face when choosing how to manage their physical IT assets is space. Colocation permits small businesses to grow at their own pace by allowing them to rent only the amount of rack space they need with the ability to scale as needed.

On their own, small businesses rarely have the financial flexibility to support an IT staff 24-7. Colocation provides small businesses incomparable support services, with expertly-trained IT support staff which is made available around the clock. They also provide improved infrastructure. Purpose built colocation data centers have been built from the ground up which allows them to apply IT-friendly designs. Additionally, they are designed to provide a clean working environment to insure servers are always operating as efficiently as possible.

While colocation offers organizations a wide range of benefits that seem like a good fit for small businesses, many vendors are also able to offer service models that can benefit major corporations as well

Colocation provides companies with a way to backup their data center systems without draining or damaging their resources. Many colocation vendors offer unique abilities that can be difficult for organizations to match internally, whether these are delivered through high-availability systems, robust security, sophisticated network services or the ability to support high-density server architectures.

Many organizations are consolidating their equipment footprint to support more efficient operations. At the same time, data capacity needs are rising at a spectacular pace, pushing organizations to think of ways to use third-party services to support operations. In many cases, businesses find themselves in a position where they want to invest in new solutions, but can't because they don't have enough data center space. This can become a problem by limiting a company's ability to revolutionize. Also, such data center limitations can impact an organization's backup and recovery efforts, creating significant threat.

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