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What You Need to Know to Get Started with Managed Hosting and Cloud Computing in Raleigh

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There are many things business owners need to worry about: payroll, hiring, IT problems, and more. A good leader will find a way to delegate most, if not all, of these responsibilities, so they can focus on things that directly impact the company like sales and innovation. In today’s technological age, many companies are choosing cloud computing in Raleigh, as well as managed hosting.
If you are unfamiliar with hosting and cloud computing, we can fill you in.

What You Need to Know about Managed Hosting

Petronella Technology Group, Inc. offers services to oversee your applications, hardware, and software for running programs like Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange, QuickBooks, and more. We take care of everything needed to run the programs and keep them in good shape.
Users see the most benefit of managed hosting services when something goes wrong. A dedicated company will do everything in their power to reduce downtime and connectivity issues. A hosting company also takes care of any repairs, updates, and maintenance needed to keep your electronic systems in tip-top shape. In the rare case that things do go awry, the computer techs will work hard to figure it out.

What You Need to Know about Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is similar to managed hosting services, but a little bit more comprehensive. The cloud is essentially an intangible storage space for all of your business apps, software, and servers. When you convert to the cloud, you get rid of overhead costs associated with running all these systems in your office building. Some of these costs include cooling rooms, upgrading licenses, and security systems.
There are private and public cloud options at Petronella and hiring a company to oversee migration will ensure a smooth transition and zero downtime for your company.
One of the many benefits of switching to the cloud is the increased accessibility. You no longer have to worry about something being only accessible when you’re in the office because of IT constraints. Cloud computing can help you take your business to the next level.

How to Make a Decision

This is only the beginning of the discussion about managed hosting and cloud computing in Raleigh. You may have additional questions about how these services would affect your productivity in the workplace or reduce your current IT costs. Call a trusted IT management company and talk to someone knowledgeable about the industry and who can help you make a decision that is best for your specific situation.