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What is cloud computing anyway?

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Cloud computing applications are everywhere. Almost all of us use this technology every day when we’re on our phone devices as smartphone apps use cloud computing to let you store and access data. But what exactly is cloud computing and how can your company benefit from it?

Cloud computing is defined as the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or personal computer. Cloud computing systems generally have a front end, which is what the user sees, and a back end, which does all the work. A great example of the use of cloud computing is your email. Chances are you don’t run an email program on your computer; you instead access a web-based email service like Gmail or Yahoo! which stores the software and storage on its service computer cloud. What this means for your company is that instead of buying software (and software licenses) and installing it on individual computers, you can load one application that houses all programs needed for multiple users to access or log on to as their job requires. With this system, your company computers no longer do all the work running applications, because the cloud, or network of computers, handles them instead. The cost of using the cloud computing system is in your company’s favor as cloud computing reduces the need for faster computers with the most memory and large hard drives. The cloud system takes care of those needs for you and stores all of your information on a remote computer.

The applications of cloud computing are just about limitless. With the right middleware, which allows networked computers to communicate with each other, a cloud computing system could execute all the programs an individual computer could run such as any generic software to personalized programs for specified jobs. With the cloud computing system, clients can use any computer linked to the Internet in order to access the cloud. This means applications and data are accessible to clients anywhere, anytime, because data isn’t confined to a hard drive on one computer. This flexibility is invaluable to any company.

A massive 93% of financial decision makers believe that cloud computing will be important to the success of their businesses over the next couple of years, according to research by Vanson Bourne. It also found that 68% of businesses surveyed had either already implemented cloud services or have plans to. Of the surveyed executives, 94% believe that cloud computing provides their business with quantifiable benefits; while 64% said cloud computing is more beneficial than traditional outsourcing. Perhaps Thomas Davies, Head of Google Enterprise for the UK and Ireland, said it best “The benefits of cloud computing go far beyond the obvious cost savings on software and reducing the burden of maintenance. The strategically significant role it can play within an organization in terms of driving innovation and productivity is making it an increasingly attractive option for businesses that want to remain competitive and agile.”

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