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Sixth Largest Data Breach in History Reported

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If the initial data from LeakedSource is accurate, then the sixth largest data breach in history, with 45 million records from over 1,110 websites, has just been reported. The hackers stole such personal information as IP and email addresses, usernames, and passwords.

The target of this cyber espionage is VerticalScope, a Canadian company that “specializes in the acquisition and development of websites and online communities for the Automotive, Powersports, Power Equipment, Pets, Sports and Technology vertical markets.” 

While the company has not yet confirmed the breach, they have not exactly denied it, either, and it is not yet known who the culprit is. And it is clear that VerticalScope’s data storage is not secure or effective. LeakedSource provided a list of the top 50 most common passwords on VerticalScope’s sites. The top password? 123456.

In light of this breach (and the many other recent ones), it is important for EVERYONE to:

  • Change passwords regularly
  • Create unique passwords

If you would like tips or hints for creating more secure passwords, or if you would just like to know if you are secure, please contact Petronella Technology Group.