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Prevent Your Company from Experiencing Cloud Sprawl

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If your company is using a cloud or is interested in using one, it is important to know the risks. While the cloud can deliver major benefits, some of its advantages also introduce complications such as cloud sprawl. Cloud sprawl is the uncontrolled spreading of application and services into the cloud for a company or organization. Unmanaged cloud sprawl is introducing risk with threats from unmanaged sources.

It is becoming increasingly easier to access cloud services. While it may be more convenient for each department in a company to do their own thing, that is purchase each service as needed on a department by department basis, the company as a whole can suffer. For example, if different departments use two different cloud storage, they may function within their separate departments, however, they may find when they need to share files their storage systems don’t communicate.

The cloud is not one-size fits all. Whether it’s private, public, or a mix, the cloud should be designed for the company’s specific business needs. Without proper management and strategies in place, moving to the cloud in an unchecked manner will result in cloud sprawl.

It is important for companies to be proactive when it comes to their technology. Petronella Technology Group can help. Our advanced cloud solutions will help your business succeed and our skilled advisors are available to you every day, all day. Whether you want to implement a private or public cloud, we have the right model for you. We will help you plan and manage your cloud environment so that your business has a complete strategy for your customized cloud. And with the help of our experts, you can have peace of mind that your organization will function as a whole unit with less opportunity for threats and risks.

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