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Homeland Security Warning About QuickTime

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Not long after researchers discovered two critical security flaws in Apple’s QuickTime the Department of Homeland Security put out a warning to Windows users still running it. The agency’s US Computer Readiness Team advises now that Apple is no longer putting out security updates for it, Microsoft users should quit using QuickTime altogether.

While QuickTime will continue to work after Apple quits supporting it, doing so opens users up to numerous security threats. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what is at risk, but without anyone plugging up the holes in its security, it could essentially be anything on a user’s computer. Basically it’s like going on vacation and leaving your front door open.

In 2013, Apple did away with all APIs for Windows developers and in January 2016 put out an update that removed the QuickTime plugin on Windows systems. While this helped stopped browser based attacks on QuickTime, it does nothing to patch these two newest security issues. Anyone still running QuickTime, should seriously consider not doing so.