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Green IT: Is Your System Environmentally Friendly?

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Did you know when your company uses a virtual desktop you are not only saving time and money for your business, but you are also helping the environment as well? With virtual desktop, you use less power and fewer resources, saving tons of energy and thus reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

Typically green IT means using fewer resources within your IT infrastructure, namely energy consumed by computers and energy needed to keep them cool and managed over the corporate network. Thus, if your company can reduce your power consumption then it can be greener.

According to VMware, physical desktops and servers use only 8% to 15% of their actual capacity and spend most of their time doing nothing. This means wasted electricity. A full-blown desktop computer uses a lot of electricity, however, thin clients VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) use less space and have less heat output, which means less use of the computer’s fan, dropping in power use. In addition, VDI clients last nearly twice as long as traditional desktops, partly because they have fewer moving parts or none at all, so they don’t have to be replaced frequently, so you save space, power, and money in the long run.

Virtualization also allows your company to use existing machines for multiple uses. A laptop can be used in the office and at home. As a result, no additional machine is needed cutting your company’s carbon footprint as an additional machine takes up space and energy. As virtual desktops become more popular, so does telecommuting. Remote workers have access to your system anytime, anywhere, which not only helps your company’s efficiency, but also allows for a more environmentally friendly company with fewer cars on the road and less space needed in an actual office -let alone less costs to utilities needed.

See our page on cloud services or managed IT services to see how Petronella Technology Group can help get you started with virtual desktops and/or help you find ways for your company to go green IT! You can also speak to a specialist at 919-355-5545.