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Emergency Patch for Internet Explorer

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Even though Microsoft's Patch Tuesday was last week, the software giant released an emergency update for the Microsoft web browser, Internet Explorer, this week.The security flaw it fixes is in all versions of IE from 7 to 11, though it doesn't appear to affect their new browser, Edge.

Though Microsoft hasn't said whether the vulnerability is being actively exploited, it's a serious one that will allow your computer to be hacked by simply visiting a malicious website.  The popularity of IE has been waning over the past few years, but even if you're a Windows user who doesn't use IE, you should still get this patch.  Even though it doesn't appear to be something hackers are currently using, now that the vulnerability is known it's likely that it will start being used.  Plenty of people, after all, don't regularly update anything on their computers, leaving known and patched vulnerabilities open to exploit by hackers.