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The Cloud Is Trending Up, Along with Smartphones

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Doesn’t it seem like everyone has a smartphone or tablet these days? According to this infographic from Engine Yard, that’s because just about everyone actually does own and utilize a mobile device. Currently, two-thirds of all American adults use a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to connect to the Internet. This year, experts predict that 1 billion smartphones will be sold worldwide. A total of 10 billion mobile devices will be in use by 2016, they project.

The infographic also suggests that “the growth of mobile is driving cloud computing and vice versa.” Mobile devices use cloud computing to compensate for their relative lack of processing power and storage space. Also, mobile devices enhance cloud computing by making it possible to access cloud-based services from anywhere. Therefore, any growth in the sales of mobile devices would lead to a correlating expansion in the adoption of cloud-based solutions (and vice versa).

Mobile devices and cloud computing aren’t just trends. The data suggests that they will overtake traditional PC-based and on-site computing models soon. If you haven’t switched the cloud already, sign up for Petronella CompleteCloud today. With no-cost and hassle-free data transfer and setup, no one makes it easier to migrate to the cloud than Petronella CompleteCloud. We include Speed Technology, State of the Art Security, 24x7x365 technical support, around-the-clock performance and security monitoring and automated data backups. Contact Petronella CompleteCloud today to sign up for Hosted Desktops, Hosted Applications, Managed Hosted Servers, and Hosted Financial Applications!

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