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Cloud Computing- Is Private or Public More Secure?

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Once your company has decided on cloud computing, the next question will inevitably be whether a private or public cloud is right for your business. Ultimately, your business can and will be successful with either cloud in terms of efficiency, but security is an important issue. It is essential to understand the differences between the two in order to make an informed decision.

With a private cloud, you can create physical controls (such as walls) to protect your system. You can also plan the design of the private cloud to fit your exact needs.

The public cloud is a test to data security, since the data is no longer under your control, but public cloud security is entirely possible. Cloud security providers do offer advanced encryption methods to ensure that data in clouds remains secure. It is not only best practice to employ cloud encryption, but it is rapidly becoming the norm anyway, especially if you hold sensitive health or financial data.

At first glance, private clouds may seem more secure than public clouds, because it creates a sense of greater control. However, security for private clouds is very similar to security in public clouds. When your customers or clients are external to your organization and use the applications offered by your private cloud, they will tend to see your cloud as public, because from their point of view, it is. Thus, the security of your private cloud becomes much like that of the public cloud. You should evaluate the customers and users of your cloud. If they are internal and you have many, a private cloud may be your best option. If your customers are external – you’ll find soon enough that the security requirements are similar between private and public clouds.

With Petronella Computer Consultants, our innovative cloud computing solutions are designed with your business in mind. We offer both private and public cloud services. With our private cloud solution, your business can outsource all management and maintenance to us, saving your company valuable time and costs while increasing security and efficiency. Or you can completely outsource the management of your IT services with our pay-as-you-go public cloud solution where any web-based device can have access and your company only pays for IT resources you actually use.

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